We know that some things can’t wait and for this reason reserve appointments each day for more urgent issues. These are shorter appointments and are set aside for urgent concerns such as sudden illness or infections, or injuries. 

Please call the office at 8:30am to enquire about obtaining a same-day appointment.

If you are having symptoms of a serious illness or experiencing an emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital.


Please book all routine and follow-up appointments in advance or as advised by your doctor.  Chronic disease follow-up and complete physical exams must be booked ahead. We ask that you reserve the ‘same day’ appointments for time sensitive urgent concerns. 


We provide the following minor procedures in our office – injections, skin biopsies, removal of moles and other small procedures, laceration repair, liquid nitrogen, joint injections, toenail procedures and ear wax removal.


There are some services that the Medical Services Plan does not cover. This includes forms, letters, some drivers’ medicals and travel advice. These services need to be paid by the patient directly. Payment is due before the form is completed. 

If you need to have a form or letter completed or signed, then please let our staff know before your appointment.

We recognize that uninsured services can be costly. If you need a form completed and are unable to pay please talk to us so we can help.